Aviation Charter has been managing aircraft for almost 30 years.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of aircraft ownership or already own your own airplane, we can help...

Every relationship is unique, we offer everything from turn key management - managing every detail on your travel and management and training of your crews, or as simple as providing hangar storage.

Please call us today and we would be happy to discuss your ideas and work to develop a plan that fits your personal and/or business needs. 

acquisition and transaction services

Purchasing an aircraft can be a confusing and challenging process. Understanding not only individual and business needs, but also knowing which type of aircraft will best suit those needs requires experience in knowledge not only with aircraft, but also aviation in general. You need a team member that you can trust, often we have provided advice that went against what would have been advantageous for us, but was best for the client. 
  • Initial consultation to understand what your needs are, what your budget is, various other questions that also can determine the best route to pursue 
  • Develop a short list of aircraft that best fit those needs 
  • Provide both annual and hourly projected costs based not only on the type of aircraft, but also on projected annual flight hours 
  • Help determine if leasing your aircraft for charter to help offset costs is a viable option 
  • Meet with the listing individuals/individual of the chosen aircraft and do on on-site overall inspection for condition, detailed log book inspection for any maintenance concerns, damage history, and a track of all FAA required inspections, maintenance directives, etc 
  • Discuss our findings and any concerns with the buyer and determine whether to move forward or find a different aircraft 
  • Once the decision is made to proceed, we will draft an Aircraft Purchase Offer, negotiate any additional items for final acceptance of the offer 
  • Develop and execute the Aircraft Sales Contract, set up an escrow account and begin the title search process 
  • Determine the best location for the pre-purchase inspection and manage the inspection 
  • Negotiate any items that need attention, make a determination at this point whether to accept or reject the aircraft 
  • Upon completion of the inspection and acceptance of the aircraft we will begin the registration process and Bill of Sale with the FAA 
  • Develop and submit and work with the FAA for RVSM approval 
  • Confirm all title changes, lien releases, etc 


Aviation Charters management programs are custom tailored to match the needs of the client, you are not required to abide by our terms, we abide by yours...

Turn key or al la carte.... we can provide:

  • Full Acquisition of aircraft
  • Crew hiring and training, both initial and continued recurrent training
  • Full travel concierge scheduling including the best airport for arrival, FBO based on your criteria, Hotel and vehicle reservations
  • All maintenance tracking and management, providing all FAA required inspections both scheduled and unscheduled


Aviation Charter's sister company, Executive Aviation is a fully certified maintenance facility, the average experience level of our mechanics is over 25 years.  We work side by side with both the FAA and our pilots to ensure the best possible maintenance is performed to all the aircraft we work on.  We will provide a full list of services of what we will be doing to your airplane based on what is required and/or needed, with a full description of projected costs for parts and labor.

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