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People who fly with Aviation Charter experience a lifestyle unlike that of your average person, and it’s more than just not having to deal with the airport headaches. Sure, you won’t have to deal with those security lines and TSA officers, the ubiquitous delays and cancelled flights and you won’t have to jockey for your turn to get off your claustrophobic flight. Simply put, you’ll enjoy the most worry-free flying experience of your life.
It’s more than just the ease of travel. All of these things contribute to the difference you’ll experience, but it fundamentally comes down to one thing – freedom. Unparalleled, uninhibited freedom that allows you to enjoy breakfast with your family, fly half way across the country and be back home for a nightcap the same day. Or the freedom to, on a whim, dash off to your favorite vacation destination without a second thought.  

More than 25 Years of Aviation Excellence

Minnesota Small Business Person of the Year Named

Shirley Wikner, CEO of the Eden Prairie-based Aviation Charter and Executive Aviation, was chosen as Minnesota's Small Business Person of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Minnesota District Office, for her personal achievements and contribution to her community.
To learn more about her, please visit the Minnesota SBA Success Story page.

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