frequently asked questions:

Is Charter a wise choice for my company?

It truly comes down to what your specific company needs are.  So often it is just not possible and/or convenient to rely on airline transportation.  We offer the ability to travel to thousands of airports that the airlines do not fly to.  This can give you the ability to arrive closer to your desired destination, providing a shorter commute, and getting you home sooner.  There are numerous additional benefits, understanding your needs can help us better answer this question, sometimes sitting down and discussing this can only answer it.

What if I have multiple stops or cities I need to get to?

This is the beauty of private charter, you can fly to as many cities in a given day, and time allowing, as you want.  We have numerous clients that will visit 3 or 4 clients in one day, in multiple cities!  They not only can't access these clients with an airline, they would have someone on the road for several days or a week.  This way, they have 4 - 8 of their company's key executives doing sales calls in one day!

Is there a cancellation fee?

No, there is not.  We really value ourselves as your traveling partner.  In building the relationships that we have, we have come to realize that often times plans change our of client's control.

Is there a large up front fee required?

Unlike many of the fractional ownership charter companies, we do not charge a membership, or upfront block time purchase.  You pay per trip.

Do you offer discounted block time rates?

We do offer this.  We really do not limit our clients to a specific amount or set program.  Everyone's situation is different, and everyone's needs vary, we can customize a block volume, and negotiate the discount accordingly.

To discover if charter is a viable option for you, we would be happy to meet with you, discuss your needs, and help you learn what Aviation Charter can do for you!  Just click the button below and send an email with any specific questions you have......

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