We'll change more than just the way you travel-

You just walked in and opened yourself up to a world which will open up new business and personal possibilities, expanding your horizons to reach clients and prospects that you never knew existed. We are your new personal travel team, and we are dedicated to transforming the way you see the world and do business. Helping you reach goals and opportunities – especially the ones that seemed so out of reach and impossible before – is our specialty.
Discover what so many other companies and individuals like yourself have discovered and leave a dramatic, lasting impression on your friends and clients.


  • Personal travel 
  • Business travel 
  • Freight/cargo transportation 
  • Hunting trips
  • Fishing trips 
  • Golf trips
  • Medical transport

Come and explore your new world with us.

Business charter-

Imagine a world in which reaching out to your clients involves a relaxed morning of pre-travel, allowing you to enjoy your morning in preparation, relaxation or breakfast with your family. You arrive at our private facility to board your private airplane for your journey.
You land at your destination stress free, better prepared, knowing you can spend as much time with your client or team member as you wish and accomplish the goals you set. Never having to think about your return home through a busy airport with security challenges, worrying if you will be delayed or if you can get to the airport on time.
Arrive on your schedule, depart in minutes instead of hours and in many instances be home for dinner. You’ll have the satisfaction of serving your client to your greatest ability all for the same price, in many instances, of a first class ticket.

Call 800.486.5387 to schedule a free consultation to see how we can help with your business travel needs.

Leisure & Vacation-

Work can be stressful. You work hard, you deserve a reward. Why add stress to your vacation? Choose one of our resort/activity partners and enjoy a full-service vacation experience. From golf, fishing, hunting, race car driving, skiing, snowmobiling or anything in between, you can consider Aviation Charter and our partners your one-stop source for all your travel needs.
You've flown with us for business, now let us provide you with the perfect vacation or getaway. Let us take you to your favorite destination.

Aircraft management-

You've flown with us, you've experienced the freedom Charter Aviation provides. Our business is opening up horizons and experiences you never knew existed or were possible. Now imagine owning your own airplane and enjoying the ability to know and project your cost, the security of knowing you can be where your client needs you at a moment’s notice and the knowledge that travel for you will never again be beholden to anyone else’s schedule. If that’s a lifestyle you want to enjoy, we can help you make it happen.  

Aviation Charter Pilots and Flight Coordinators

Aviation Charter flight crews are certified for air charter operations throughout the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean in accordance with FAA guidelines. All flights are flown with captain and copilot crews. Flight crews attend annual professional flight training at SimuFlite International, Inc. in addition to receiving in-house supplemental training following the strictest standards for air safety.

Safety Culture

A positive safety culture is the focal cornerstone of our company. Aviation Charter utilizes a Safety Management System as a living, evolving document, aimed toward achieving the highest level of safety performance. By utilizing these best safety practices we ensure a positive safety culture during all aspects of the aviation experience. Ongoing training and retraining is employed to continually raise safety awareness. Careful scrutiny of trends, data and feedback are also incorporated to ensure attention to every detail.

We are a proud “Wyvern Certified Carrier.” Wyvern is a nationally recognized leader in private aeronautical safety evaluation. Wyvern’s criteria include a comprehensive on-site biannual review of risk analysis, safety standards, simulator training, cockpit resource management and preventive maintenance schedules. Wyvern oversight means you can feel comfortable with flight crews who exceed the industry standard in training excellence.

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